Monday, September 6, 2010

Debate is Not Dogma

I just added the link for the trailer to "Transcendent Man" ( ) to, not because I think Kurzweil is either a prophet or infallible, but because the implications of just the possibility of a Singularity are profound enough that people need to begin the process of understanding the phenomenon and how they and their children may choose to adapt, especially if certain milestones are achieved (i.e. robust artificial general intelligence, orders of magnitude improvement in computing technology, highly effective means of human intelligence enhancement, etc.). I have heard Kurzweil speak several times and he is not "demanding" anyone to abandon their current belief system or way of life. He is simply stating his vision of how he thinks the future may play out and how the scenario many vary. He openly admits the uncertainty and dangers that the rapid progress of technology may present.

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